3 Great Destinations for the Adventurous Traveller


Morocco is a great destination for all lovers of adventures. It’s a land full of stunning contrasts: from the beauty of the towering minarets to the magical sunsets in the deserts, this is one unforgettable destination.

A camel trek across the golden sands of the Sahara is unbelievably thrilling, and when done under the dazzling stars it is like a scene from the “Arabian Nights”. A trek along the Atlas ranges gives you a picturesque view of the spectacular traditional Berber villages. Make sure to stopover in a traditional Berber house and enjoy mint tea, and a satisfying delicious Berber lunch.

In Essaouira you can handle kite surfing on the windy shores of this tranquil fishing city, it is relatively a small town and you can hardly get lost.

White water rafting in the Ahansel River offers a great opportunity to see some of the lesser travelled parts of Morocco while you enjoy the splashing and the spills.

The Amazon

The Amazon is renowned for the largest rainforest on earth also termed as “The Green Inferno”. For those that love adventure in the jungle, this is the ideal destination. You will be awed and inspired by the grandeur, diversity and beauty of this breathtaking jungle. There are enough activities you can indulge in this region; canoe rides in small creeks, alligator hunting, piranha fishing and jungle trekking. Learn the secrets of the aborigines and their mysterious traditional practices.

The Amazon River is the mightiest river in the world where the rare pink dolphin is spotted and also a variety of other species of fish. Take a cruise down the Amazon and you can be sure of seeing sights you won’t encounter anywhere else in the world, as well as getting you blood pumping a little!

Explore the magical Anavilhanas Archipelago which is also the world’s largest fresh water archipelago of river islands. It is made up of more than 400 islands with diverse landscapes and wildlife. Its black waters are home to a variety of aquatic animals including the famous paracucu, dolphins and crocodiles.

The meeting of waters is a wonderful natural phenomenon caused by the confluence of the black waters of Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes.


India is full of varied landscapes that make it possible for adventurous excursions. The Himalaya region offers a wide variety of trekking grounds for the avid mountaineer. You can take a walk along the frozen waters of the Zanskar River or venture through the flamboyant Valley of Flowers. There are challenging trails for the strong hearted and more child friendly walks.

Raft through the renowned rivers such as the Ganges and experience the thrills and spills and the picturesque sceneries or the adrenaline rushing white water kayaking. If water is not your thing, try paragliding and feel like a bird flying in the sky, first learn from a professional how to do it then fly all by yourself.

If you thought navigating traffic in the city was pulsating, then try the hilarious Rickshaw Challenge. Test your guts in Goa, Maharashtra or Karnataka. It offers an extraordinary experience as rickshaws rampage the Indian countryside and the proceeds are given for charity. Air-ballooning in India is also a fascinating thrill as you get an aerial view of the cities and the breathtaking landscapes.Fly in with Qatar Airways and be ready for some fun!


This is a guest post from Tom at Top Backpacking Destinations