Eastern Australia: The Sites You Shouldn’t Miss


Australia is such a vast country that it can be difficult to decide which area to tackle first. From vibrant cultural cities, to wide expanses of bush land where you can enjoy true isolation, there’s certainly something for everyone who visits. However, for many visitors, it’s the Eastern states of Australia that hold the most appeal, as there’s plenty of diversity, road trips are easy thanks to the well-maintained highways, and there are some of the most beautiful coastal areas to be found here. If you are read more

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Accommodation Tips for Digital Nomads

As the world continues to settle in to the 21st century, digital communications are increasingly changing the way that we live and work. An entire new species of professional – the digital nomad – has been born, and people are finding it easier than ever to draw income while living far from home.

Combine the above with the growing availability of discount airfare and non-traditional accommodation and transport (think: couch-surfing and app-based taxi services), and you’ve got a recipe for long-term read more

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5 Great Hiking Destinations Around the World

For those of us who love to stay active and enjoy exploring foreign lands, what could be better than an overseas hiking break when it comes to choosing a summer holiday package? If you fancy discovering a new part of the world on foot this year, take a look at the 5 destinations I have listed below. Each one is popular with hikers, so you will be able to find plenty of information about the best routes to follow and the most interesting places to see in all of them if you search online, and I can honestly say that they are all read more

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Famous Mountain Ranges Always Worth a Visit

Unlike most travel lists you’ll see nowadays, none of the below four items should be a surprise to you. In fact, there’s a good chance you would have been able to name them all before your tenth birthday.


Don’t you hate it when people start to dislike a musician they once loved just because they start to gain more fans and, therefore, become mainstream? Not everything famous is bad, and though it’s always nice to have your own little corner of the world, whether in the form of the music you enjoy or your own hidden travel spots, often something (or someone) is famous for a read more

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Preventing Hypothermia and Frostbite When You Are Doing Winter Sports

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of winter sports. Whether you are zooming down the powdery slopes on a pair of skis, exploring winding trails while cross country skiing, or climbing up the side of an icy mountain, there are plenty of things to do for all levels of fitness and adventurousness at the average ski resort. However, in addition to the usual falls and fractures, there are rare occurrences of hypothermia and frostbite to those out on the slopes, and it’s essential for winter sports enthusiasts to educate themselves about the read more

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How to Get the Most of Your Whale Watching Experience

Whale watching has become incredibly popular over the past few years with people of all ages and backgrounds. There just seems to be something about watching these majestic creatures that brings people back to the ocean time and time again.
whale watching

There are many top destinations around the world for whale spotting, from Australia to see the migrating Humpback, The Azores for the majestic Blue whale, and even Norway where you can visit Orca feeding grounds.

If you have decided to experience the fun and exhilaration of a whale watching tour, there are read more

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Grabbing a Quick Bite in the Middle East – Spoiled for Choice

Found yourself hungry in Haifa, ravenous in Riyadh or starving in Sana? You’ll find yourself spoiled for choice everywhere you go in the Middle East as the region is well known for its extensive and varied culinary delights, many of which are now readily available in the West.

Dips, Bread and Salads

Bread is a staple in the region and there are a number of different varieties to dunk into the many dips the region boasts in abundance.

Dips and bread – with or without salad – make for a read more

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6 Fun Alternatives to Beach Holidays

Beach holidays have been the mainstay of the holiday industry for a great many years. In fact, for many people in the UK, the word ‘holiday’ is synonymous with either brightly coloured plastic buckets and spades or afternoon massages, which involve fragrant oils in health spas in remote, exotic locations.

This, of course, is all very well; as many holidaymakers do in fact, love nothing more than to relax on the beach, working on their tans and reading a good novel. When the sun goes down, it is then time for the read more

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Four Business Travel Tips When Researching Foreign Markets

Branching out into the global marketplace can be a rewarding move if done at the right time. Since there are some risks associated with selling your products and services in a foreign country, you may feel the need to travel there and find out as much as you can about the structures, advertising and corporate tactics that work best in that overseas environment.
Researching Foreign Markets
When planning your travel itinerary then, it will be important to follow these four simple techniques. By doing your research and networking in the proper manner, read more

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Commissioning a Photographer for a Destination Photo Shoot

Tying the knot away from home in an exotic destination? Any couple getting hitched in a picturesque location that absolutely has to be captured on film should seriously consider commissioning a destination wedding photographer.

Destination weddings require plenty of planning and preparations, though as you’re saying your vows in a special location, if there’s one thing you can’t leave to chance, it’s the photographer you commission.

So what is a destination photographer? read more

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The Ever-Changing Face of Orlando, Florida

The Ever-Changing Face of Orlando, Florida

Everyone has a favourite holiday destination — a place which you can happily visit on numerous occasions, and somewhere where you feel comfortable and at home. Occasionally, however, visits to the same destination each year can become a bit too familiar, with the same sights to see and attractions to visit. Not so for Orlando, Florida. After all, Orlando is not known as the Fun Capital of the World for nothing, and there is nowhere else in the world which can offer something new to see and do every single time you read more

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5 Reasons to Visit Sardinia on Your Next Family Holiday

If you are not sure where to go on your next summer break with the family, the Mediterranean’s second biggest island is well worth including in your short list of possible destinations. Below, I have put together a list containing what I believe to be the 5 most compelling reasons to take your partner and children to this beautiful part of the world on your next family vacation.

  • 1. Over 1,000 miles of unspoilt coastline – children and adults alike love to spend time on the beach when they are on holiday and Sardinia has more than most places to offer in terms of gorgeous beaches lapped by clear blue waters. The most famous stretch of coastline to be found on the island has to be the Costa Smeralda, which was exclusively the preserve of the rich and famous up until recently. Nowadays, however, the area is visited by people from all income brackets and you can find some very affordable deals on the Emerald Coast. In addition to fantastic beaches where you can work on your tan, you can indulge in the popular pastime of people watching and see what the rich and famous like to get up to when they are on holiday.
  • 2. Water parks – dozens of swimming pools, exciting water slides and terrifying flumes await visitors to Sardinia’s water parks, of which there are two of note. Diverland Aquatic Park is roughly 20kms from the island’s capital city, Cagliari, and Aquadream is in Baja Sardinia (the commune of Arzachena), a popular family holiday destination at the start of the Emerald Coast. Whichever one you decide to visit, you are sure to have a great time. In fact, your only problem might be persuading your children to leave when it’s time to return to your hotel.
  • 3. Ice cream – wherever you go in Italy, you will find dozens of independent ice cream shops selling delicious treats that the whole family can enjoy. Sardinia is no exception in this respect and you will also find a tempting array of sorbets, frozen yoghurts and the regional speciality, seadas (which is basically pastry stuffed with cheese, fried and coated with honey), in the local stores and eateries. If you just want to stick to ice cream, you will find a wide variety of flavours, all made using high quality cream.
  • 4. Cheap flights – one of the biggest expenses for families that wish to travel overseas can be the cost of the plane tickets they need to get where they want to go. However, with several budget airlines operating regular flights to the island, it is possible for a family of four living in the UK to reach Sardinia for around £240, depending on the time of year and their exact location of course.If you are on a particularly tight budget, I would recommend that you avoid travelling at the weekends as prices are usually significantly higher for flights on Saturdays and Sundays. You may end up departing and arriving in the small hours if you opt for the cheapest tickets available but it’s only 2 hours and 20 minutes by plane from London, Gatwick to Olbia, the airport that serves the Costa Smeralda, so it shouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience.
  • 5. Fun under canvas – whilst you might not fancy spending a fortnight in a tent, your kids are sure to love the idea of spending at least a couple of nights under canvas when you visit this island. There are a number of excellent campsites that are ideal for people considering luxury holidays in Sardinia with a touch of adventure thrown in for the sake of their children. If you are travelling during the summer months then keeping warm at night should not be a problem and rainfall will be minimal.

Having enjoyed a number of family breaks on this beautiful island, I can unreservedly recommend it to anybody read more

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